Personal live online coaching

You want to speak better? Clearer, clearer your opinion? Present crisper? Others convince? Fine! Then I'm your coach!

Your goal: to quickly achieve clearly noticeable results that will take you to a new level in the shortest possible time.

Or is it primarily fear that keeps you from "kicking in"? Even then you are right with me. Let me assure you that I know all the speeches you can have from your own experience. Unfortunately. At the beginning of my career, I suffered from extreme speech and microphone anxiety, which I successfully overcome.

Do not let yourself be persuaded that it takes a long time and is tedious to release your blockages and overcome your obstacles. Often, you only need a few coaching sessions and you will master your individual challenges.

You can expect fast and lasting help from me about speaking, presenting and performing - that's what I specialize in.

To enable people,

  • that their message arrives and they are understood,
  • that their ideas inspire and receive recognition,
  • that they gain security and make their personality shine,
  • that they step into the light and feel comfortable there,

It gives me great pleasure and that is why I use my energy and passion.

Choose the right coaching for you and contact me.

I am looking forward to our "transforming" encounter

All the best - Thomas Friebe

My personal coaching offers:
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