Safe in front of camera and microphone!

You are repeatedly interviewed as an expert and like to take the opportunity to express your thoughts? But afterwards you will notice 1000 things that you could have done better. Your thoughts are confused? Your sentences often do not have beginning or end? Many "Ähs" and "Emms" tire your listeners? The desired effect does not occur? And if you have just "warmed up", is the interview already over?

In just a few coaching sessions, I help you to strengthen your personality in voice, ductus, body language and sovereignty and to make you fit for your appearance in front of camera and microphone.

What you can expect from me: Effective strategies for more effect in front of camera and microphone. A relaxed approach to journalists and their technique. Rhetorical tricks that prevent your phrases from being "dismembered" on average later and ensuring that your core message arrives. Journalistic know-how and editorial skills.

For whom? For those who want to improve their effect on the camera and want to radiate sovereignty and competence. For those who want to be authentically and sympathetically perceived in public and who care about their message being clear and unadulterated.

Why me? As a trained journalist, I have many years of camera and microphone experience, have learned the journalistic tools from scratch and know what is important, both in terms of content, as regards questioning technology and dramaturgical design, as well as the technical implementation, image design and editing.

Coachingpaket „Medien“: 25 Min. ausführliches Vorgespräch (via Telefon), 3 x 100 Min. Eins-zu-Eins-Coaching per Videokonferenz oder, sofern möglich, gerne in Köln, inkl. Kameraaufzeichung und Auswertung, 1 x 25 Min. effektives Coaching kurz vor dem öffentlichen Interview-Auftritt, 1 x 25 Min. Manöverkritik nach dem Interview-Auftritt (via Telefon oder Skype-Session).

Günstige Paketpreise auf Anfrage

Coachingeinheiten können selbstverständlich auch einzeln gebucht werden.

Interested? Then call me on 0221-29211880 or write me a request!

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