Overcome stage fright quickly and sustainably!

Highly effective. You and me. One to one.

You suffer from stage fright? You hate talking to others? And even at the thought of having to give a speech or a lecture you get panic? Your throat is tightening, You get sweats, Your stomach hurts, the knees are soft and your heart is throbbing to the neck? The full program?

That does not have to be! In a few sessions, you can overcome your fears, reduce your stage fright and in a short time speak freely and safely in front of others.

How it works?

Through a highly effective, personal coaching.

What you can expect from me: dissolving blockages and fears. Awareness of your strengths. Joy of a new experience of your personality.

With much fun, we are dedicated to your challenges.

For whom? For all those who do not want to let themselves be controlled by their fear and finally want to find the courage to talk to others safely and with joy (!). For all those who want to finally "carry their message" to the outside, but have not dared to.

Why me? Because I know that in the seemingly greatest weakness the greatest strength can lie and have learned first-hand that a "transformation" to the positive is possible: As a young radio violinist I suffered from extreme microphone fear and was the "worst newscaster in the world". Today I'm one of the most successful professional spokespeople on German television and you know my voice from well-known TV shows like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", "Small to Big", "Play for Your Country" and Blockbuster Games. Because I have suffered so much at the beginning of my career, it is simply a great need to help people to overcome their speech and their stage fright and to come into their power. Because then - that's my experience - so much more is possible for them in life.

Coaching package "Angstfrei": 25 min. Detailed preliminary talk (via telephone), 3 x 50 min. One-to-one coaching in Cologne, 1 x 25 min. Debriefing (via Skype session).

Package price: 1.190,00 € incl. 19% VAT.

Of course, coaching sessions can also be booked individually for the price of EUR 350.00 incl. VAT.

Interested? Then call me on 0221-29211880 or write me a request!

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