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Sometimes we only achieve poor results. Somehow average, but without us knowing what it might be against.
Do you know that?

  • Your lecture was ok, but obviously boring somehow
  • Your presentation was just so "la la", praise there was none
  • Your salary increase was declined
  • You have only passed your exam with "Ach and Krach"
  • You feel that you are not respected

This often leaves you feeling uncomfortable and that is totally frustrating.

What if we could be sure we had given everything? What if you had the certainty that you were always at your best?

Exactly on the topic I have led an exciting interview with Thomas Schlechter. Thomas Schlechter is u.a. Mental coach of athletes, football clubs and Olympic champions but also of executives and entrepreneurs. He is one of the 100 best successful trainers in Germany and Austria. Check out the interview here.

For those in a hurry:

  • 00:28 what Thomas Schlechter has to do with the first FC Cologne (and why my daughter is happy)
  • 02:29 how you can direct your thoughts
  • 05:08 what many people do wrong in affirmations - and how to do it right
  • 07:38 why we often fall back into negative behaviors and how we can easily change that
  • 09:50 how you can retrieve top form in any situation - despite fear
  • 12:20 how Thomas Schlechter uses his experience as a sports pilot for his business and how you can benefit from it
  • 15:56 how to keep track even in stressful situations
  • 17:56 why quick decisions are a big success factor
  • 18:46 why you should order within 30 seconds after looking at the menu in the restaurant

… and much more.

I would like to tell you how to get into shape, during presentations, exams or job interviews ....

All the best

Thomas Friebe

Click here for 100% best form in business:

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