Present appearance Convince

I am:
  • Coach, More specifically: Certified Coach and Change Manager, trained by Prof. dr. Egon Stephan at the Ineko-Institut of the University of Cologne. Certified wingwave coach, trained by the founders of the method, Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund, Besser-Siegmund-Institut, Hamburg.
  • Aannouncer, More specifically: professional speaker and daily present on the radio and television. My voice is known to millions of listeners to the program "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", As well as big Saturday night entertainment shows like "Small vs. Big", "Game For Your Country" or "Hard To Believe" and also in important roles of numerous blockbuster games I hear: Assassin's Creed (Desmond Miles), WOW (fire god Ragnaros), COD (Edward Richtofen). This makes me one of the most successful and well-known speakers in the German-speaking world - and proud of it!
  • Speaker, More precisely: Keynote speaker, because I like to be booked as a lecturer. I attach importance to an entertaining and entertaining stage performance with substance and depth. It gives me great pleasure to inspire my audience regularly with my heart-thematic complex "Present - Appear - Convince".
  • Author, More specifically: bestselling author, because together with the well-known American hit coach Brian Tracy and other experts, I wrote the book TRANSFORM, which has become a bestseller in the US. To celebrate the Quilly Award, the National Association of Best Selling Authors, I flew to Holywood with my wife and accepted the award. Big fun!

Whether you have questions about my personal path, specific tips or my programs - please ask. I look forward to your questions and answer you gladly, even if it takes one or two days. Write a message.

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